Body Whisperer Yoga - Richard Bird - Virginia, DC, Maryland

Who I Work With

On this page I'll introduce the types of individuals I work with and the types of challenges I help them solve.

I work with a wide range of individuals from the brand new and never active beginner, to the active everyday athlete and the experienced Yogi / Yogini and Teacher. 

What they all have in common is a need for guidance, support, and healing. They have the openness to learn and to stick with it when it gets a little challenging and the real work begins!

Is This You? Does one or a combination of the following describe you or your challenges?

You’re usually over 40! Life, career or family was your priority and now it’s time to refocus your attention on your physical and spiritual well-being.  
    You may have health concerns, pain or injury and you know you must take care of it now. You're afraid if you don't get help and make changes now you won't be able to enjoy everything you've dreamed of, planned, and worked for.

     You're Fairly Active or Exercise Regularly 

    You may have repetitive movement, muscular holding patterns and inflexibility from your favorite activities,

    You may even be an Elite or Professional Athlete but, you don't have a pre and post activity routine to keep you balanced and pain free

    Perhaps you’ve had surgery or traditional PT and still have the same nagging discomfort . . . You won't stop your favorite activities or searching for solutions

    Experienced Yogis and Teachers 

    You’ve reached a plateau in your practice.  You may be bored because you are not growing but, your heart keeps calling you back to Yoga, 

    You may be injured or in pain and the “Just Do the Practice” mantra and same old sequencing hasn’t gotten you the results you are looking for,  

    You may be frustrated and questioning this whole Yoga thing.

    What I've Worked With

    I have worked with many pains, injuries and challenges both physical and emotional.

    Each pain, injury and condition is unique. Pain and Injury can be as simple as a muscular and skeleton misalignment or a more challenging emotional or stress pattern which has found a home and is living in your body.

    Here are some of the general areas I work with:  Hips and Knees, Neck and Shoulders, Hands and Wrists, Hamstring and Sciatica, Low back, Spinal misalignments and Disk challenges, Digestive, Weight and Sensitivity  challenges.

    Emotionally you may be struggling with a relationship, career, health and financial stress. You may have unexpressed feelings, anxiety, fear, anger or depression and may not be able to see a bright or hopeful future for yourself!

    I am not a Psychotherapist and do not offer medical advice but, my programs and Coaching can have an amazing impact and change your outlook and life.

    Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the general kind of challenges I help you solve go here to find out “How I Work”