Body Whisperer Yoga - Richard Bird - Virginia, DC, Maryland

How I Work

On this page I'll tell you what it's like to work with me and the type of results you can expect.  I'll give you a sense of my guiding beliefs and how I'm unique from other teachers and styles of Yoga.

It's my intention to offer you the "deepest transformation" available. For this purpose I create programs which both address your specific challenges and goals as well as create a foundation for you to enjoy the benefits of your practice for life.

Individualized Programs focus on your specific challenges as well as developing a foundational structure.

As in anything in life-if you don't have the proper foundation at some point for you to move forward you'll need to go back and get the structure for balance and to work properly.

With the proper foundation and basics you can build as your foundation allows. 

You don't need to be flexible or in shape.  I'm not concerned with your current abilities.  We'll develop those step by step as we work. 

What you do need is to commit to yourself and to show up for yourself.

How I'm Different From Most Teachers and Styles Of Yoga  

One thing that distinguishes me from others is my 30 years of practice and 21 years of teaching. 

My formative years in teaching were in Aspen, Colorado where many of my students were either injured or in pain as a result of extreme sports.  Some were also the result of failed or inadequate surgeries or Physical Therapy.

I was trained by Ana Forrest, a pioneer in using Yoga As A Healing Practice for both Physical and Emotional injuries as well as Stress. Based on my Forrest Yoga training, I work with you and find ways to help each unique challenge.

A key premise I work from is: the body digests, processes, and stores your life experiences.  Pain and injuries can be as simple as a structural imbalance or misalignment or can be energy / stress which has found a home and is living in your body.

My motto is to first and foremost "treat the person". 

In other words a specific pain or injury might have a specific protocol.  Equally important to your healing is "what is going on in your life" (relationships, career, health and financially).

I've always been extremely intuitive.  But since, I've been practicing Yoga, Light Energy Healing and Meditation I feel and sense individuals on a very deep level.  My body senses and registers the energy patterns and discomfort of my students. 

My 56 years of life experience and 30 years of training help me to understand what's going on with you and how to help access, feel, clear and heal it!

This is where we get the name Body Whisperer Yoga!

I work you in ways to access the stuck or hiding energy so that your issues, challenges and programming becomes clear to you and present tools to work through, resolve and heal them.

You will be challenged both physically and emotionally!  No this isn't EST or The Forum.  You'll learn to become struggle free within the challenge.    

I treat you with respect and kindness just as you'll learn to treat yourself!

I teach and take you through the process of accessing and releasing your stress and holding patterns and retraining your physical body.  You also learn to reconnect to your inner voice and re-empower yourself along your unique journey in life.

Expected Results

Beginners and individuals who have not been active experience an entirely new and renewed quality of life, health and hope for an active, healthy and long future.  It changes your life and outlook on health!

Active individuals with pain and injury not only heal injuries and release pain but also develop increased stamina, flexibility and stability leading to higher levels of performance, longevity and enjoyment!

If you are an Experienced Yogi or Teacher you'll experience a deeper level of understanding in your practice - You develop an whole new level and world of possibilities, healing, and pain release. This rekindles your passion and love for your practice.

Now that you have a sense of how I work and the kind of results you can expect go here to see the Individualized Programs and Group Courses I offer.